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This is an entry in our series of FAQ articles in which we answer questions from the community. We’ve changed the names for the sake of privacy, but the things they asked haven’t been touched. So―fake names, real questions. To ask us a question, just fill in the form in our newsletter. Subscribe for the newsletter today!

Jeffrey’s story:
I am thinking of changing my career and becoming a data scientist. Since I work full-time, it’s difficult for me to attend traditional classes, and I am trying to choose an online-only platform. I’ve never learned online and can’t really imagine what it is like. It would be helpful if you give me a couple of hints so I can prepare myself better.

TripleTen Team:

Hi, Jeffrey! We believe that you'll get useful knowledge both in a traditional class and through an online platformA Guide to TripleTen’s Unique Learning Platform. The difference between the two seems drastic at first, but after a while, you get used to the distance learning rhythm and start feeling comfortable in a virtual class.

In some ways, online-only platforms offer benefits you can't get from traditional classroom settings. Learning online brings with it broader choices―such as the ability to learn from experts from around the globe, whom you’d never be able to see in a physical classroom.

TripleTen’s bootcamps are a great example of this. For more information, here’s a complete guideA Guide to TripleTen’s Unique Learning Platform to our learning platform.

How-tos for the TripleTen Learning Platform

After registering for the program of your choice, you immediately recognize the familiar classroom flow. And all of the learning materials are a mouse click away.

Learning materials on data preprocessing―easy to access

Time management is akin to a real-life environment: you plan time to handle tasks while keeping deadlines in mind. You'll receive feedback from your peers and supervisorsWill I Get Practical Guidance and Feedback From Tutors at TripleTen?―pretty much like working at an IT startup that creates software or offers data analysis services. You do the assignments on time, the teacher checks them, and you correct them before moving on to the next topic―just like a real classroom.

Still, you gain flexibility with your schedule: you don’t have to show up exactly by 8:00 a.m. for classes Monday through Friday. How much time you devote to your studies is up to you. You have a list of sprints in front of you, and you always have the option of returning to the lectures from previous sprints. Don't worry about missing a word since you can just pull up every important bit and listen again.

Learning flow

The learning process is sprint based, which is how the IT industry mostly works. You have two weeks for every sprint, then you assess the result, make any adjustments if necessary, and move on. The typical student spends about 20 hours per week on bootcamp tasks in order to meet deadlines.

Let’s go over the learning process in detail.

1. Study the theory

TripleTen bootcamps provide text and video lectures, code samples, and a knowledge base. Study them as thoroughly as you would with any traditional textbooks and handwritten lectures, and don’t forget to refer to them when doing practical tasks.

What the theoretical part looks like

2. Read the task instructions carefully

Every successful job starts with understanding what you need to do. Study the task statement carefully. After making sure that it’s clear to you, it’s time to tackle the sprint.

What a task description looks like

Real companies provide the tasks you get during the program, so these are exactly the challenges you will face in your workplace after graduation. Taking TripleTen courses is like learning in the classroom and having on-the-job training at the same time.

A real-life task from Yandex.Music in the bootcamp’s workspace

3. Write the code to complete the task

This is what all programmers and data scientists do―they write code. The TripleTen bootcamp has a special editor for coding, so you don’t have to pay for or install any dedicated programming tools. It’s a one-stop platform where you receive knowledge and apply it to real-life tasks.

In the editor below, you can review and change anything until you decide that the task is complete and ready for review.

A window for entering the practical task

4. Get feedback from your supervisor

If you made a couple of mistakes―don’t worry. Your supervisor is there to help you fix them. And if you did everything right―congratulations! Any feedback will be visible in the “one-stop” editor.

Feedback from reviewer

5. Complete the sprint successfully

A sprint is a truly real-life approach. Almost the entire IT industry works in iterations or sprints. A team of developers, data scientists, or analysts complete a portion of their job, submit the product to the customer or line manager, receive feedback, and make changes according to the feedback. This approach saves companies a lot of time and money. It helps avoid situations wherein a team develops a product for months only to discover that the customer has different ideas.

This real-life approach isn’t merely easier and more productive, but it also helps you better adapt to requirements at your future workplace. After TripleTen bootcamp sprints, you won’t be caught off guard by strict deadlines!

As part of the educational experience, you'll also take periodic chapter quizzes. This helps ensure that you build a solid foundation of knowledge in tandem with your practical application.

Another form of checking students’ progress is the chapter quiz

6. Then start the next sprint!

The TripleTen bootcamp program includes 17 sprints, each of which will add a project to your portfolio.

A list of sprints

If for any reason you need a break, simply request a sabbatical in your studies. You may ask for one suspension of up to three months.

If you feel lonely or would like to share your thoughts with classmates, the forum is always available to chat with peers. In addition, the TripleTen support team is there for you to ask for help.

As we’ve demonstrated, online learning is not frightening at all. In fact, it's quite simple and straightforward. Online-only platforms are an educational environment where you set your own pace while receiving theoretical knowledge and applying it to real-life tasks. Reference materials are available, advisors openly provide feedback, and video lectures are accessible to revisit and gain a better understanding.

Try TripleTen's free SQL course to see how it works. And if you don’t know what to choose―software engineering, data science, or quality assurance―there is a quick career quiz to help you decide.

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TechStart podcast

Explore the realities of changing careers and getting into tech.

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