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Break into tech fast and start earning more!

Learn SQL for free, no prior experience required.
Break into tech fast and start earning more!
Learn SQL for free, no prior experience required.
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Whether you're into software engineering, data analytics, data science, or business intelligence, this course will help you kickstart your transition into the tech industry by mastering SQL, a highly sought-after tech tool.

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Learn fundamental and advanced SQL skills in our
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Gift yourself an easy entry into the world of tech! Take the first step into becoming a software developer by mastering database essentials in just 20 hours.
Master database administration, SQL queries, data analytics, and SQL for data science without spending a cent.

You will learn

Basic SQL commands
Fundamentals of Data Analysis
Setting Up a Database Client
SQL for Data: Grouping & Sorting
Subqueries & Temporary Tables
Database Management

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Enjoy a hands-on learning experience that teaches real SQL skills. Our SQL tutorials are bite-size interactive lessons followed by coding practice.

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In this free online SQL course, you'll learn all the basic skills to work with data in the real world, such as creating and managing databases, understanding SQL syntax, crafting intricate SQL queries for data analysis, and simulating tasks involving real-world data manipulation.
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Lab tech
QA Analyst at Vant4ge
Radiology tech
Software QA Associate
at Lockheed Martin
What sets this program apart is its commitment to hands-on learning. Participants gain experience testing various products, including web and mobile applications. They also gain exposure to essential technical components.
IT Support
I did research on some other companies that offered education like TripleTen, and there was no competition... The times that I did struggle, I got through it. There are tutors that want to help you.... I work 100% from home now, which I’ve never done before.
IT Technician II at Unio Digital
Progressing through the bootcamp was very inspiring. The group study sessions were amazing because there's people from all backgrounds brainstorming and tackling ideas and concepts in the bootcamp from different angles.

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