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George’s story:
Hello everyone! My name is George. I am interested in tech, but your bootcamp is a bit expensive for me. I'm afraid that I won't get a job after the course and it won't pay itself off. Do you have any experience with job placement for graduates? How many of them get hired?

TripleTen's Answer:

Hello, George! And thanks for sharing your question and concerns. Fortunately, TripleTen puts lots of effort into supporting our students during and after the course to ensure they find a job after they graduate. This includes real-life work experience in the program and a Career Prep Course. The TripleTen survey of students and their career successes confirms that our strategy works. You can see the results in our Outcomes Report for 2022. It shows that that 87% of our grads get hired within 180 days of graduation, while a staggering 53% of alumni are hired even before graduation. Twenty-six percent are hired one to three months later and 21% are hired three to six months after graduation.

This might be difficult to believe, but only 13% of our students come to us with a background in STEM. Our other students bring their rich professional knowledge to the bootcamp from other sectors. Every one of them has an equal chance of finding a job in tech no matter their degree and professional background. The report shows that our grads found work at startups and well-known companies, such as Tesla, Google, Spotify, Pantone, Apple, IBM, Wattbuy, Discord, Hubspot, Accenture, Societe Generale, and many more.

What explains this success?

The answer is simple. We support our students and prepare them for their journey into the job market from day one.

Course design

You get practical and real-work experience in our courses. At TripleTen, all the programs are split into two to three-week-long sprints. Each sprint includes theory, coding practice, and a practical assignment where students apply the skills they’ve learned. Tech companies use sprints when working on projects, meaning our students learn this approach to make their transition into tech easier. Our students are particularly happy about this when they start their new careers. Check out Software Engineer Bootcamp grad Tiffany Hall’s story in the video.

Our support and practical approach don’t end with the program. Our students take part in externships and the Career Prep Course.


Gain first-hand experience working on a task for a real company. TripleTen puts together a team of students who work together on the project. Here are some of the exciting externships that our students have worked on:

You can put the results of the externship’s in your portfolio and demonstrate your skills and ability to work in a team.

Career Prep Course and Career Acceleration

Get ready for your job search with the Career Prep Course. Firstly, the course teaches students how to write a standout resume and cover letter. We also look at your LinkedIn profile and Git portfolio, transforming them to look professional ― this successfully sets TripleTen’s students apart from everyone else.

Career Acceleration is all about finding a job:

  • Mock interviews. Practice self-presentation, become familiar with tricky questions, and find answers to them in a relaxed environment. Gain the confidence to ace interviews in real life.
  • Career coach sessions. Develop a job search strategy with a career coach  in one-on-one sessions. The strategy is based on your values, goals, expectations, as well as your soft and hard skills. Apply this in real life to find suitable job options.

What happens if you don't find a job?

Imagine this: you’ve invested your time and effort into our comprehensive program, mastering the essential skills needed to excel in your chosen field. But what if you don’t land a job within six months of graduating from TripleTen? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re so confident in our training that we’ll refund 100% of your tuition if you’re unable to secure employment. But, most likely, you won't need it, because 87% of our students get a job within six months of graduation.

We’re not just another educational bootcamp; we’re your partners in success. Our commitment goes beyond teaching. We’re invested in your career growth and ensuring that you reach your full potential. That’s why we offer this bold guarantee.

So, are you ready to take charge of your future? Enroll in TripleTen today and let us pave the way of your professional success. Your dream career awaits!

TechStart podcast

Explore the realities of changing careers and getting into tech.

Listen now