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This is an entry in our series of FAQ articles in which we answer questions from the community. We’ve changed the names for the sake of privacy, but the things they asked haven’t been touched. So – fake names, real questions. To ask us a question, just fill in the form in our newsletter. Subscribe by using the banner on the right.

Tom’s question:
Hi there! I’m choosing a coding bootcamp, and TripleTen seems like a good fit. But with so many bootcamps out there, I still have doubts: maybe there’s a course that fits my needs better? Why should I choose TripleTen?

TripleTen team:

Hello, Tom! First of all, we’re completely behind your desire to study tech at a bootcamp. We believe it’s the fastest way to land a new, great career, and we know you’ll like the outcome if you’re diligent and follow through.

As for your concerns about TripleTen, we’ve prepared a short list of what makes our bootcamp stand out. Check it out:

Recognized by the Industry

TripleTen is highly regarded by students and industry professionals alike:

  • Best bootcamp in 2021 by Switchup with 196 reviews
  • Best coding bootcamp in 2023 by Career Karma with 102 reviews
  • Best online bootcamp in 2022 and 2023 by Course Report with 208 reviews.

Our students say:

The Software Engineering bootcamp with TripleTen has been great for me. It really helps you feel like you're in the real world while working on the course. I find the tutors most effective because if you run into an issue with a project, they are there to help and will even record videos with your code if that helps you learn better! This program helped me achieve my main goal of learning software engineering in hopes of growing with my current company. Ryan Mexin, TripleTen grad
  • “Practicum is great. I don't think it's 100/100, but it closes in 95 or above for sure. The information gets to the heart of what software engineering is about, and I think they have a fantastic time giving you the tools in order for you to solve every problem. They hold your hand just enough in the beginning to get your pace set, but you very much have to be self-motivated because you won't finish or hit your deadlines if this isn't your endgame”. (Jeremy M Rivera)* 

* This review was written when TripleTen was still known as Practicum. Everything other than the name remains the same.

We Get Our Students Hired

Only 13% of our students have a background in STEM. However, 87% of all our students find a job in tech within 180 days of graduation. Our grads get hired by Tesla, Google Play, Spotify, PlayStation, IBM, and other major companies and well-known startups.

We have tutors to guide you, career coaches to help you become awesome at job hunting, code reviewers to check your work and coach you through the projects, and community managers to handle your onboarding, provide a sounding board, and assist you as you navigate the program.

We will teach you how to write a compelling resume and a cover letter, compose a convincing portfolio of real-life projects, and present your best self in tech and behavioral interviews. We’ll also search for positions and openings that are relevant to you.

Our confidence is backed up by stats. For example, more than half of our 2022 grads got job offers before they even finished the program.

And TripleTen is the only bootcamp in the US that provides unlimited externship opportunities even after graduation. In total, 54 companies engage our students in their real-world tasks. Every student has the chance to graduate with an externship project in their portfolio. In total, 96% of students who complete externships get hired.

But, if you don’t get a new job in tech within six months of graduation, we will refund 100% of your TripleTen tuition (some conditions apply).

Check out our students’ success stories here. Bartenders, financial consultants, busy moms, fashion experts — these are examples of our graduates who managed to switch to a tech career.

A Good Investment

Our up-front tuition ranges from $9,700 to $13,000, depending on the profession and the program type. We support various payment options: up-front, monthly installments, or “learn now, pay later.”

The median starting salary of our graduates ranges from $62,500 in Data Analytics to $75,100 in Software Engineering and $89,000 in Data Science.

However, these are just averaged estimates, and you can earn more. For example, the average salary of a software engineer with less than one year of experience can be $101,082More Than $100k: How Much Do Entry-Level Software Engineers Make?. And entry-level data analysts can make up to $67.200 a year.

A Convenient Learning Process

TripleTen bootcamps are fully online and part-time. You can keep your current job while learning a new profession. We’ve got Software Engineering, Data Science, Quality Assurance, and Business Intelligence Analytics bootcamps, so you can follow the career path that suits you best. Not sure which one to choose? Take our quiz!

Studying takes place on TripleTen’s dedicated learning platform that houses interactive projects, video recordings, and key info. You won’t end up taking notes during dull lectures; we did our best to make the learning process fun and easy.

And no tech background is required to join a course. You can start the first learning sprint for free to see if you like it.

Start Today

We hope the data above will help you choose TripleTen as a guide to your new career. If you still need more info, you can read our big comparison article. Or, if you want to ask some specific questions, you can book a call from one of our representatives, and they’ll be happy to help.

The tech scoop

Sign up for our newsletter to get the inside info on getting a career in tech - straight from our industry experts.

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TechStart podcast

Explore the realities of changing careers and getting into tech.

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