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This is an entry in our series of FAQ articles in which we answer questions from the community. We’ve changed the names for the sake of privacy, but the things they asked haven’t been touched. So – fake names, real questions. To ask us a question, just fill in the form in our newsletter. Subscribe by using the banner on the right.

Rachel's story:
Hi! I'm thinking about changing my profession. I'm working full-time and can't attend offline courses. Friends say online IT bootcamps are a good option to try. But I've never tried studying online. How does it work? Will I get enough support and feedback? Who will answer my questions? I am afraid to be left alone with my problems.

TripleTen team:

Hey, Rachel! Your worries are understandable. A lot of students wonder if they can find enough support online. But some of them end up liking online learning so much that they decide to remain with TripleTen as senior buddiesWhy You Should Become a TripleTen Senior Student to help other students. You'll get to know them well if you join any of the programs.

However, they are not the only ones who will help you during your studies.

Who will be there for you?

Tutors are working professionals with 5+ years of experience in their field. They host live webinars, workshops, and Q&A sessions every week and hold live office hours in Slack or Zoom. You will always receive quick help or have the option to book a one-on-one meeting. The bottom line is tutors will guide your skills and career development ― you’ll never be left to your own devices during the bootcamp!

Code reviewers are qualified practitioners familiar with the real-world requirements for every aspect of a chosen skill set. They check your work, coach you through projects, and give personalized up-to-date feedback. Code reviewers go through your code line-by-line and provide links to TripleTen learning materials when you should rewrite it. Code review is a part of any coding profession, so you will be adequately armed for your future job.

View the feedback from a reviewer directly on our online platform

Community managers are personal guides within our online program. When you first enroll, they handle your onboarding. After that, community managers help you navigate the program, catch up if you’re falling behind, and get extensions on deadlines. These are the people to go to when you need to explain your situation, receive emotional support, share your stress, and receive motivation.

Senior students assist tutors, help students, and answer questions. Senior students are proactive people chosen for their great discipline and eagerness to help others with their studies. They usually demonstrate an outstanding degree of discipline by sticking to deadlines, working independently, and seeking to understand the material on a deeper level. They understand that when you teach somebody, you absorb information even more effectively, sharpening your training as a result.

Senior students are willing to give guidance. Since they're still students, you'll share with and learn from a person in the same boat―and of course forge new, lasting connections.

Career services include HR and recruiting specialists with 10+ years of experience in Fortune 500 companies and startups. They help you prepare and carry out a proper job-search strategy. They guide you through interviews and assist in creating a professional profile.

By joining the alumni community, you'll continue getting support during the first months in your new job!

The support team is available 24/7 for you. Wherever you are and whenever you have questions or something goes wrong, just contact the support team.

The TripleTen online community ensures that you go through the learning process smoothly and enjoy it.

What will your learning process look like?

Online platform

You interact with all the learning materials through a single browser window on our interactive platform. It's convenient and easy. For detailed information, check out the Guide to TripleTen’s Unique Learning PlatformA Guide to TripleTen’s Unique Learning Platform.

A real-life task in the bootcamp workspace

Structured info in self-paced learning

Eighty percent of our graduates manage to complete the program despite having full-time jobs. Study when you wish — just follow the curriculum and meet your deadlines. Online bootcamps offer flexible schedules and affordable options. And you don't have to waste time commuting!

The TripleTen bootcamp’s standard recommendation is 20 hours per week. That leaves plenty of time left to find relaxation and take care of personal commitments while preserving the study-life balance.

Beginner-friendly environment

It's easy to choose a program or bootcamp that best suits your level. Many are tailored for complete newbies since there are a lot of students who are starting their IT journey from zero. We care about you and your background, no matter what it entails!

Explore TripleTen bootcamps for beginners, such as Software Engineering or QA Engineering. They introduce you to the basics then provide the necessary skills to start a professional career. Each program takes just five to ten months.

Online programs provide students with numerous activities. TripleTen offers live workshops, Q&As, co-working sessions, participation in group projects, hackathons, and externships.

Your fellow students who have already gone through bootcamps often share their experiences and impressions. Look for their reviews on LinkedIn or watch some video reviews on our TripleTen YouTube channel.

5 tips for successful online learning

  1. Don't hesitate to ask for help when you don't understand the assignment or a concept, have a question, or feel confused or stuck. Don't be shy about the details. The support team is set up to help you and is happy to make your learning process enjoyable.
  1. Ensure you understand how the online platform and program work. Call us and talk to an advisor to clear up any details about your chosen direction and curriculum. The online platform is the core of online education. If you have any questions, contact tech support or your community manager — we don't want you to be stuck.
  1. Stick to your schedule. Create a plan that suits you best, reflecting your working hours, family time, children's schooling, etc. You may study as many hours per day as you like, as long as you follow your plan and deadlines. It's okay to leave room for emergencies, but in general, your system must satisfy you — learning shouldn't be a burden.
  1. Help your peers and be supportive. The community and friendly environment are made by people. By helping each other, we build long-lasting relationships, gain strong motivation, and understand the material better. It's also a great opportunity to celebrate your wins together!
  1. Be honest with yourself and your community manager. If you have any problems in your family or at work, feel free to talk with your community manager to get extensions. Through open communication, we will be able to solve your issues more efficiently. Please be honest with yourself in order to understand the true source of your difficulties, whether they involve motivation or doubts about the field you have chosen or something more personal in your life.

Get ready to explore the world of tech with TripleTen — we will support you at every step!

IT career tips

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TechStart podcast

Explore the realities of changing careers and getting into tech.

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