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Whether you’re only thinking about becoming a software engineer or already studying a new profession, you’re probably aware of thousands of online resources that can help you on your journey. 

Luckily, you don’t need to spend hours searching, because we’ve done the research for you! We’ve prepared a handful of TripleTen-approved YouTube channels for software engineers that we think are well worth the follow. 

If you are thinking about joining a bootcamp

Choosing a bootcamp can be challenging. While there are many options, there isn’t always enough information and clarity for tech newbies. But we’ve got you! Here’s a list of playlists, videos, and channels to help you navigate your way. 

TripleTen Coding Bootcamps: Essentials for starting a software engineering bootcamp

Topics: Education, tips, trends, and tech careers

The TripleTen Bootcamps channel is a massive resource for aspiring software engineers. It has a combination of videos and shorts that cover everything, from common questions and career advice to technical aspects of a software engineering program or a programmer’s job.

There are also many easy-to-watch TikTok livestreams with students and software engineers providing all the insights bootcamp students might need.

This channel is not only comprehensive but also provides reliable and digestible content. If you’re thinking about software engineering or enrolling in a bootcamp, this channel gives detailed insights into what and how you will learn, and where it might take your future career. 

TripleTen Student Stories

Topics: Real journeys of TripleTen students and graduates

TripleTen grads share their journeys of becoming software engineers. If you’re having doubts about your new career path or just need extra motivation, there’s no better way than hearing real student stories.

There are three stories here of how students completely changed careers. Chemical engineer Chuks Okoli couldn’t get a role in the oil & gas industry when the sector took a downturn and decided to pursue data analytics to become a machine learning specialist. 

Jake McCambley is now a software engineer for a big technology company. His amazing location means when he’s not coding, he’s out hiking and exploring the wild. Though Jake originally studied psychology, his love of problem-solving led him to software engineering.

Lastly, William Schutte started out in Biochemical Engineering but found it slow-paced. Thanks to TripleTen’s Software Engineering Bootcamp, he’s working for a startup in his dream city of Atlanta. 

TripleTen Software Engineering Projects

Topics: Real-life case studies and Code Jams

If you’re considering a career in software engineering, reviewing projects, technical learning, and applying your new skills is an absolute must. TripleTen’s software engineering project playlist digs into Code Jams and projects for some must-watches.

Code Jams give authentic insights into what software engineering students learn and how they develop practical and real-world experiences ready for their new careers. 

Students share the projects they have created, often within short timescales, and each Code Jam has a winner! 

You can also find free webinars such as “Delicious JavaScript” and “Your First Year in Code” aimed at helping students easily break into their new tech careers. 

This list should set you up for a broad range of valuable TripleTen-vetted software engineering resources for students and beginners, and provide you with a few laughs along the way.

If you are trying to understand if Software Engineering is for you

The best way to figure out if you’ll feel comfortable working as a software engineer is to follow experienced professionals. Some of them are very frank about the tech industry and their role in it. So if you’re up to looking up the pros and cons of a software engineering job, these recommendations are for you.

Gyasi Linje: The life of a software engineer

Topics: “A day in the life,” pros and cons of software engineering, a software engineer’s career.

Gyasi Linje is a front-end software engineer living and working in New York. He’s a prolific content creator who shares everything, from a very useful “day in the life of a software engineer,” to his routine and his work-from-home setup in an 800 sq ft apartment.

On his YouTube channel, Gyasi takes followers through his career, from studying to switching jobs and moving to NYC to work for a major tech company.

Gyasi’s channel really illustrates how your career and life as a software engineer could look, and he shares lots of positive and motivating videos. What he also does, though, is make time to share the “harsh reality,” and he talks about the high expectations for software engineers working for big tech firms and the risk of burnout. This perspective will really help you understand the potential pros and cons of being a software engineer. 

TripleTen Livestream: Success as a software engineer

Topic: Software engineers and developers share their real-life experiences and stories.

This is a great introductory software engineering video for students and potential students. It’s delivered by new and experienced software engineers who share their own experiences on how to succeed as software engineers, including essential career tips.

The video participants aren’t professional content creators, making the content very real and easy to empathize with. The video itself delves into essential habits for success which provide great tips for aspiring software engineers. And, it does go into some detail on the technologies that successful engineers should master, as well as how to go about learning them. 

Its live stream format allows questions to be answered in the chat, providing insights into other students' thoughts and reassuring budding engineers that no question is irrelevant!

TripleTen Livestream: What is the lifestyle of someone in tech?

Topic: Software engineering newbies and digital nomads share their lifestyles and experiences.

A number of software engineers answer questions about how they got into technology and software engineering and their daily lives. Some of the participants travel while working, or work from home, and make the most of this flexibility to enjoy content sharing, workouts, and other pursuits. Others work for technology companies and share how they work with their team colleagues remotely.

The video provides insights into both the positives and possibilities of a flexible remote lifestyle and some of the drawbacks. Participants share their daily structures,  how they work across time zones, and get down to the nitty-gritty of coding. 

If you already study at the SE bootcamp

Even if your bootcamp offers an in-depth curriculum (like TripleTen), it wouldn’t hurt to check these video resources. Some will explain complex terms in simple words, and others will give you valuable hints on advancing in the profession, and will even make you smile. 

Joma Tech: Amazing technology humor to lighten up your day

Topic: Tech industry humor at its best

If you need to clear your head with top-quality tech humor, then Joma’s incredibly well-produced content is for you. He publishes everything from “If Squid Game Were About Programmers,” to his own “Day in the Life,” and parodies that can really take the stress out of your day.

Joma covers a lot of life situations of someone working in tech and he makes light of some of today’s latest tech news.

Everyone needs some downtime! What’s more, you don’t have to feel bad about taking time out for comedy, as Joma is also a software engineer, so there are lots of profound insights to be gained.

Andy Sterkowitz: Pros, cons, learning, and programming from an expert

Topics: Tips for new software engineers and students, tutorials, and advice on programming languages

Andy Sterkowitz has an open approach to software engineering and includes lots of advice on learning to code. Andy covers “actual skills” that make you a programmer, gives tips on writing better code, and provides example projects.

Andy’s channel, combined with our other recommendations, adds more development tech to the mix. We particularly like his advice on gaining practical experience, what programming languages to learn, and when and how to start preparing for a software engineering job.  

TripleTen’s #MostAskedCodingQuestions

Topic: Software Engineering FAQs

A roundup of the 100 most frequently asked coding and software engineering questions in individual videos that form a reliable resource and a single place to find all the answers you need. The format is short, so you’ll get what you’re looking for straight away.

The videos in this section answer everything from “What is a coding bootcamp,”and “What is software engineering,” to “How do you learn to code SQL?” They are delivered by the familiar faces you’ll find in TripleTen’s other videos, real software engineers and students.

This “snackable,” content library is great to browse or search for a fast answer to a specific question and you can be confident the content has been created and shared by real people who’ve been exactly where you are now. 

When researching something as important as a new career, starting with links recommended by a credible source is a wise step. These sources will help you get acquainted with a new tech profession and break the ice of starting something new. At TripleTen's Software Engineering Bootcamp you will have the support you need to land a dream job in tech after just 10 months!

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Explore the realities of changing careers and getting into tech.

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