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How do you find a job when everything requires experience?
Get that experience here, with opportunities to work on projects for real business partners.

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companies completed their tasks with TripleTen students
externship projects
in a student portfolio
of students who complete
externships get hired
TripleTen is the only bootcamp in the U.S. that provides externship opportunities even after graduation.
*Depends on performance and project's availability
Work on real business ...projects

Work on real business .... projects

Software Engineering students write code that will be used on a daily basis
Data Science and BI students process, analyze, and present data.
Quality Assurance students ensure that code works
Externships give students a chance to apply their skills to real-world tasks.


MU method app and website
An open-source network that solves the primary problems of cryptographic identity management: seed phrase recoverability, connectivity between wallets, and dapp connectivity. MU signs in to crypto apps, manages all your wallets and credentials in one place, and recovers your seed phrase.
Synthesis Workshop
Website for organic chemistry educational videos and courses.
Drops (work in progress)
A health-monitoring and habit-management app for people with diabetes. Drops helps users be more conscious about their decisions.
An onboarding, help, and feedback widget for an online platform used by tutors.
A knowledge base and webservice for so-bad-they’re-good movies, B-movies, and other cult classic trash cinema. IMDB for bad movies.

Make products you
can be proud of

Dive into a real workflow and use all your skills to bring your project to life. The other team members are your safety net, supporting you and doing their part.
Samantha Horsch, Software Engineer student
Taejah Bevelle
Quality Assurance
This was an enjoyable experience! I worked alongside other talented QA engineers testing a Mac based app from Apparent Software.
Samantha Horsch, Software Engineer student
Kelly Shreeve
Data Science
I've successfully completed the Data Science Externship with DataSpeak. This was a 6-week long externship where we used data science to create a generative customer service chatbot.
Samantha Horsch, Software Engineer student
Joshua Duncan
Software Engineer 
Last week, I wrapped up a fantastic externship with SlopGoblins, NPO. During this experience, I gained valuable work experience and learned a few new skills.
Samantha Horsch, Software Engineer student
Ian Dizney
Software Engineer 
I recently had the opportunity to join an externship project for Synthesis Workshop, a captivating chemistry podcast delving into the world of synthetic organic chemistry.
Samantha Horsch, Software Engineer student
Hanna Patel
Quality Assurance
I completed my externship at TaskTrain with TripleTen! This was a novel experience! I had the opportunity to work alongside other talented QA engineers testing the TaskTrain web application.
Samantha Horsch, Software Engineer student
Tiffany Bergett
Business Intelligence 
Analytics Student
The Externship TripleTen hosted is over, but the learnings will last a lifetime! Our team of 20 helped a real-world company, CREWTRACKER SOFTWARE, to modernize their reporting system.
Samantha Horsch, Software Engineer student
Samantha Horsch
Software Engineer 
We assembled a landing page 
for Sindano Health. Although 
it was difficult at times, it really strengthened my skills.
Samantha Horsch, Software Engineer student
Devin Jaggernauth
Software Engineer
I stepped into the role of Team Lead (back end) to create a Full Stack MERN Application. Our team figured out how this thing was supposed to work and delivered our complete app.
Xia Cui, Data Engineer student
Xia Cui
Data Engineer Student
I’ve finished the project on how 
to use Google Firebase events data 
to analyze user behavior for Norbu, 
a mobile stress control app.

Collaborate with small
and medium-sized businesses

Our students do important work by helping companies improve their products.

Externship application for business owners

If you'd like to offer externships to TripleTen students, please contact us.

Gain even more experience with .... Code Jams

Gain even more experience with Code .... Jams
Learn how to deliver
a product on a deadline
All projects are reviewed by a jury of working professionals
Work in a team
with other students
Code Jams are friendly project-based competitions. Students are divided into teams and given a challenge that will take them from ideation to execution.
August Code Jam 2023
“The coolest part is that everyone on the team was at a different part in the bootcamp, which really allowed us to focus on our strengths and learn new skills from team members.”
Christopher Dunbar, Marlon Nunez, Ty Mariast, Reza Mohammadi
Halloween Code Jam, October 2023
“The main goal of our project was to provide a centralized web app that will allow users in any community to vote on a variety of topics, ranging from the type of music to play at a local Halloween event.”
Remote Coders
Divya Bharathi Badugu, Marco Fernstaedt, Svetlana Kovakina
Jingle Bells Jam, December 2023
“The synergy in our team was remarkable. We kept each other updated in our daily team meetings, enhancing not only our final product but also enriching our individual skill sets.”
Merry Codemas
Svetlana Kovakina, Kelly Shreeve, Anthony Isaías Barrios Vásquez
Data Hackathon, December 2023
“Our task was to characterize financial complaints from consumers, such that a subsequent team could create a list of FAQs, reducing the load on companies' customer service departments. I am happy to have continued to balance my skillset by focusing more on communication and soft skills during this hackathon.”
Kseniya Gormash, Joshua Norfolk, Priyangka Roy,
Anton Moiseev, Aleksandr Arkhipov, Rami Awadallah
February Code Jam 2024
“With this web application I've learned how to work with a team
and work together on a common goal. We had a week to make this application and we decided to come up with a simple webpage that explains the history of the flower.”
Jessica McLaurin, Chad Casey, Aniah Brown, Cristofer Ledesma
March Code Pudding 2024
“Our success at March Code Pudding event demonstrates
the power of teamwork, creativity, and determination. I'm incredibly proud of my team for their hard work and skill during this exciting experience.”
Data Hunters
Simran Dulai, Jesus Correa, Kseniya Gormash
Watch Code Jams Streams

Practice. Build your portfolio Repeat until hired

Build your portfolio Repeat until hired

Start building working projects from your first day. Then branch out with different formats that train different facets of your professional skills.


Learning projects
Core curriculum projects on the TripleTen platform, usually spread across multiple sprints.
6–16 projects*
5-10 months*
Career prep & career acceleration
Coaching sessions, tech and HR interview prep, resume and portfolio review.
4+ hours
Up to 6 months
of mock interviews
Code Jams
Project-based team competitions.
1 or more
Every 2 months
collaborative projects
Available for students and grads
Work experience with partner companies.
1 or more
5-8 weeks
real-world projects**
average duration
Available for students and grads
*the number of learning projects depends on the program
** the number of externships projects depends on performance and projects' availability
Open every 2 months

TripleTen is one of the best coding bootcamps, just as we have been for the last 5 years

team projects delivered 
by our students
of our grads already hold middle and senior positions
got hired before 
Tripleten is ranked in the Best Coding Bootcamp 2023 by Career Karma
Tripleten is ranked in the Best Bootcamps 2023 by SwitchUp
Tripleten is ranked in the Best Online Data Science Bootcamps 2024 by IT Career Finder
Tripleten is ranked in the Best Data Science and Analytics Bootcamps 2024 by Course Report
Tripleten is ranked in the Best Data Science and Analytics Bootcamps 2024 by Course Report
Tripleten is ranked in the Best Data Science and Analytics Bootcamps 2024 by Course Report
TripleTen is one of the best coding bootcamps for 4 years and counting!

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