Get that work experience
with TripleTen externships
How do you find a job when everything requires experience? Get that experience here, with unlimited opportunities to work on projects for real business clients.
Improve your odds
TripleTen is the only bootcamp in the U.S. that provides unlimited externship opportunities even after graduation.
companies completed their tasks with TripleTen students
externship projects
in a student portfolio
of students who complete
externships get hired
Work on real
business projects
Externships give students a chance to apply their skills to real-world tasks.
Software Engineering students write code that will be used on a daily basis.
Quality Assurance students ensure that code works.
Data Science and BI students process, analyze, and present data.
Present your project
directly to the client company
Cap off your externship by meeting with a client representative to receive live feedback. Check out these videos of previous feedback sessions to see what clients have to say about our students' work.
Sebastian Sajoux
CEO of a social purpose company Arqlite
Feedback on an animated webpage delivered by TripleTen students
Igor Shoifot
CEO at DotCot venture fund
Review of a prototype platform for pitching startups to investors
Get client feedback in your LinkedIn profile
References can make all the difference in your job search. Impressions from your client(s), tutors, and other students will build your professional brand and make your profile stand out.
Make products you can be proud of
Dive into a real workflow and use all your skills to bring your project to life. The other team members are your safety net, supporting you and doing their part.
Samantha Horsch
Software Engineer ex-student
We assembled a landing page for Sindano Health. Although it was difficult at times, it really strengthened my skills
Devin Jaggernauth
Software Engineer ex-student
I stepped into the role of Team Lead (back end) to create a Full Stack MERN Application. Our team figured out how this thing was supposed to work and delivered our complete app
Xia Cui
Data Analyst ex-student
I’ve finished the project on how to use Google Firebase events data to analyze user behavior for Norbu, a mobile stress control app.
Collaborate with small and medium-sized businesses
Our students do important work by helping companies improve their products.
Externship application for business owners
If you'd like to offer externships to TripleTen students, please contact us.
Gain even more experience with code jams
Codejams are friendly project-based competitions. Students are divided into teams and given a challenge that will take them from ideation to execution.
Learn how to deliver
a product on a deadline
Work in a team
All projects are reviewed by a jury of working professionals
Practice. Build your portfolio. Repeat until hired
Start building working projects from your first day. Then branch out with different formats that train different facets of your professional skills.
Learning projects
Core curriculum projects on the TripleTen platform, usually spread across multiple sprints.
6–16 projects*
5-10 months*
Career prep & career acceleration
Coaching sessions, tech and HR interview prep, resume and portfolio review.
4+ hours
Up to 6 months
of mock interviews
Code Jams
Project-based team competitions.
1 or more
4-12 days
collaborative projects
average duration
Available for students and grads
Work experience with client companies.
1 or more
5-8 weeks
real-world projects**
average duration
Available for students and grads
*the number of learning projects depends on the program
** the number of externships is determined by the student's performance in the program and availability of time
Best coding and data
bootcamp in the U.S.
team projects delivered by our students
of our grads already hold middle and senior positions
got hired before graduating
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Externship application for business owners