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“What if the lessons are too difficult? How will I stay motivated? Will I even find a job in the end?” These are all common questions when deciding to enroll in a tech bootcamp. It’s a leap of faith and a big change! No wonder you have some lingering doubts.

At TripleTen, you have access to several tutors and coaches because we care deeply about helping our students succeed. But we get it. You still have questions. Here are the most common concerns our students have, and how to alleviate those fears.

Fear #1: “What if I don’t understand the material?” 

If you’re considering a bootcamp but have no previous tech experience, you’re not alone:

87% of TripleTen students come from non-STEM backgrounds.

They started out as school teachers, rideshare drivers, customer support reps, lab techs, or admins. TripleTen’s bootcamps are designed for people brand new to tech: you can learn the material even if you’ve never written a line of code before.

The learning process is divided into two-to-three week sprints. That is, you’ll be learning a concept and completing a related, hands-on assignment before moving on to the next lesson. Each sprint is packed with theory and practice, but you’ll be absorbing the information one step at a time.

One big advantage of sprints? They help you stay focused and learn new skills quickly before moving on to the next subject. Sprints also give you practice working in teams as you partner with fellow students to complete projects. 

During all of this, tutors are available to resolve your questions, while senior students can help with doubts and blockers. There’s even an AI assistantYes, You Can Master Software Engineering. Our AI Will Help. that offers helpful hints — at any time of day or night — to help get your assignments done. Even if you get stuck, you’ll have personalized help to keep you moving forward.

Fear #2: “What if I can’t keep up with the pace?”

If you’re juggling a full-time job or caretaking duties, a bootcamp can be a challenge. TripleTen’s bootcamps are designed to be self-paced because we understand that our students have multiple commitments3 Strategies to Balance Your Life and Studies Like a Pro. Each sprint has an assignment deadline, but you’re in control of how and when you work.

We also suggest that you switch off after busy weeks of hard work, so week-long breaks are built into TripleTen’s curriculum. They’re meant to help you absorb new information and rest before entering the next module.

Ryan fell in love with data science

“Throughout the curriculum, the [TripleTen] team was great,” remembers TripleTen grad Ryan ElmachtoubBuilding a data science skill set with an engineering background, who had to juggle full-time work, parenthood, and his studies.

They were encouraging us and meeting with us every week [via Zoom]. And they were talking to us about how it's normal to feel that way. It was exactly what I needed to hear then, [and helped me keep] a positive mindset. Keep adapting and learning, it's never too late. It's just a matter of time, and persistence is the key. After, I would say, maybe a month, I really started to settle into a routine. Ryan Elmachtoub, TripleTen grad

If you need additional time off, you can request it for up to three months. You will still have access to the course materials during your hiatus, and the length of your studies will be stretched accordingly. (However, your tuition charges will not be suspended until the cost of the program is fully paid).

Fear #3: “What if I realize that IT isn’t for me?”

After investing time and money, what if you realize that this new career direction isn’t the right fit? At TripleTen, each student meets for an initial one-on-one session with a career advisor to determine your goals. This conversation can clarify questions about the work you’re training for, the day-to-day of IT jobs, and how it all fits together with your life goals and interests. We also recommend browsing TripleTen’s student stories, listening to our podcast and taking our career quiz to get a feel for what it’s like to work in IT.

Once you’re in the bootcamp, TripleTen’s mentors help you navigate the diverse field of technologyForget the Giants: You Can Work in Tech Without Working in Big Tech. Tutors and senior students are there to answer your curriculum-based questions and share their experiences. Our career coaches will also help you find the right role within the broad tech market and focus on the area that inspires you the most. Dropping out should never be your first step.

Still, if you are halfway into a bootcamp and discover it’s not for you, speaking to your community manager and coordinator will help you determine the next steps. You are eligible for a refund, which is calculated based on the full cost of the program and the period you’ve submitted a refund request. Once you’ve reached mid-term, the program becomes non-refundable. 

Fear #4: “What if my life circumstances change?”

You can’t put life on standby while you’re studying. After supporting more than 1,000 graduates, we know how bumpy the road might be.

We offer a lot of flexibility to allow you to complete your bootcamp.

Many grads have successfully juggled learning and other time-consuming commitments, including parenting and full-time jobs. Some were caught off guard by the layoffs in the tech industry, or shifts brought on by the pandemic. However, those challenges didn’t put off our graduates. 

After seven years of being a stay-at-home mom, Pinwei decided she wanted to get back in the game.

There are even stories of unexpected moments working in our students’ favor. Check the story of software engineer and TripleTen grad Pinwei WuA New Country, A New Career, A New Calling: Pinwei Wu’s TripleTen Story, who ventured into a tech profession as the pandemic hit, having to study while two of her school-age kids were home.

Another example is Makenzie WellsHow TripleTen Grad Makenzie Wells Plans to Bring Her DS Experience Full Circle, who landed a job midway through the data science bootcamp and had to take a month-long academic hiatus to focus on her new position.

As the students worked out the best solution with TripleTen community managers, they were able to resume their studies at an adjusted pace, successfully graduate, and land a job in tech shortly after.

Fear 5: “What if I can’t afford it?”

Can’t pay the full price up front? Not a problem. TripleTen offers multiple ways to finance your education. An upfront payment offers the best deal, but there are other ways to cover tuition, like an installment plan.

You can also consider a loan: Meritize offers flexible loan options that take your individual situation (like academic transcripts) into account.

Finally, TripleTen offers income-based repayment plansShould I use an Income Share Agreement to Fund my Coding Bootcamp?: that is, you don’t pay anything until you’ve found a job in your new field.

TripleTen offers a 100% money-back guarantee to those who don’t land a job within six months of graduation. (To qualify for the offer, it’s necessary to attend all the classes and submit all tasks on time).

We highly recommend booking a call to talk through your unique situation and financing needs. 

Fear #6: “What if I don’t get a job?”

TripleTen’s goal is to make sure you’re fully ready for your new career. We are so confident in your success that if you don’t get a job in your new field within six months of graduation, you get your money back.

In 2023, 87% of our grads got hired within 6 months of graduation. And 50% got hired before they even finished their course!

To help you achieve this, every program offers personalized career counselingHow TripleTen’s Career Center Helps You Land a Job to put you on a fast track to a successful career. Coaches help you create a polished resume, portfolioSecrets of a Stellar Portfolio: Guidelines and Checklist, and LinkedIn profile. They will also help you prep for technical interviews, show you how to create a personal brand in tech, and give tips on networking.

And TripleTen support doesn’t come to an end once you graduate. Our Career Acceleration course guarantees that you will continue to receive career coaching and job application support to impress recruiters with a structured and professional approach. 

More questions? Talk to us for free.

Committing yourself to a months-long coding bootcamp can be intimidating. It’s only natural to have questions. We invite you to book a call with an advisor today to talk through your individual situation and find your best next step.

Got questions? Get answers.

We’re all about the human touch when helping people land great tech jobs, so if you have questions, our counselors have answers. By clicking the button, you agree that we may contact you by phone, email, or text message.

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